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Fees & funding

We understand litigation can be an expensive process.  Our barristers bring their commitment to a flexible, client focused service to the arrangement of their fees.  Whilst we charge reasonable market rates commensurate with the service provided we are always willing to discuss the way our fees, and their payment, are structured in order to find a solution that works for our clients as well as us.

Our barristers can work on agreed fixed fees and/or an agreed hourly rate, recognising that every client and every case is different.  Individual barristers will also consider working on a case under 100% or mixed ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ arrangements, or undertaking work being funded by litigation funders.  Please talk to our Practice management team who will guide you through the options.

Any agreed hourly rate will take account of the market rates in their area of practice and the barrister’s skills and experience.  It will also take account of the complexity of the case, the value of the case and any particular demands the case gives rise to, including urgency and Court dates and deadlines.

Our Practice management team will discuss ‘Brief Fees’ and ‘Refresher Fees’ with you.  This is the fee for a barrister to undertake advocacy in a court or tribunal.  The Brief Fee usually covers all of the pre-hearing preparation and the first day of the hearing.  The Refresher Fee is the agreed fixed rate for each subsequent day of a hearing.

It is usual practice to agree a date by which the ‘brief is delivered’.  This means that the fee will be due on a date before the hearing, to take into account the preparation the barrister will need to do to be ready for the first day of the hearing.

The cost for travel and expenses will be charged as a separate item.