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E-disclosure – Hardwicke leads the field

25th September 2018

E-disclosure – Hardwicke leads the field

Michael Wheater and Charles Raffin have brought out the first legal textbook to deal with edisclosure – Edisclosure: Law & Practice (OUP) to great critical acclaim and, given the importance of the topic, commercial success.

They have accompanied the book with a number of articles:

  • Disclosure & Production in Construction Cases (May 17)
  • Predictive Coding (July 16)
  • JIBFL article – not on existing website either

They have also just completed a seminar programme dealing with the key aspects of edisclosure.  This covered:

A new programme for 2018/19 will be published shortly.

Hardwicke’s members have also been providing inhouse training for solicitors on the disclosure pilot programme.

If you would like further information, please contact Sally Wollaston, our Business Development & Marketing Director.


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Sally Wollaston
Sally Wollaston
Business Development and Marketing Director