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Zoe joined Hardwicke in May 2020 as our Practice Operations Director. She is responsible for overseeing the operations and the service we deliver to Hardwicke’s barristers and clients.

Zoe has 20 years’ experience at the highest levels in the domestic and international legal markets in barristers’ chambers, and 7 years’ experience prior to that in legal publishing and in the Crown Prosecution Service as Parliamentary Clerk.

Zoe has a particular interest in human resources, mentoring and well-being issues and is responsible for the management of special projects as well as the Front of House Team and Office Assistants. She is passionate about empowering all at Hardwicke to achieve and maintain working practices which benefit both them and Hardwicke, and to helping all within the organisation deal with change, manage complexity and navigate uncertainty in our fast-changing world.

Away from Hardwicke, Zoe lives in London with her husband and three teenagers. She is a keen traveller, runner and enthusiast for Clubbercise.

For a number of years Zoe has been a trainer for Legal Experts in Schools, providing citizenship lessons to local Year 10 students to develop their awareness and identify opportunities in the law. She is committed to access to the profession for all and is a dedicated supporter of work experience programmes.

Zoe regularly supports colleagues as a professional mentor and is very proud that two of them were awarded the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks John Carter Memorial Award /Student of the Year.

Zoe supports FreeBar, a forum focused on LGBT+ people and their allies working at and for the Bar.